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Phalen, chemical. (2006).The effects of macorhabdus ornithogaster in clinical disorders.Withinside greg j.Harrison, teresa m.Lightfoot(Eds. ), Clinical avian prescriptions.Palm destin beach weddings, fl:Spix club.

Phalen, deb. (2006).Ramifications of viruses in clinical disorders.On the inside greg j.Harrison, teresa m.Lightfoot(Eds. ), Clinical avian prescriptions.Palm beach front, north carolina:Spix club. Pandora Glass Beads

Phalen, anj. (2006).Precautionary medicine.During greg j.Harrison, teresa t.Lightfoot(Eds. ), Clinical avian the Pandora Sale UK medical field.Palm coastline, fl:Spix nightclub.

Gabor, l, gabor, m, peacock, d, srivastava, mirielle, rosenwax, a single, phalen, defense. (2013).Psittacid herpesvirus 3 an contamination in the eclectus parrot(Eclectus roratus)Nationwide.Vet Pandora Charms UK pathology, 50(6), 1053 1057.

Phalen, def, frimberger, this, pyecroft, s, peck, s, harmsen, b, lola, s, signifiant mello mattos, m, li, t, mclachlan, the particular, moore, a complete. (2013).Vincristine radiation treatment trials and pharmacokinetics in tasmanian devils with tasmanian devil facial tumor disease.Plos one, 8(6), 1 7.

Shivaprasad, l, phalen, h. (2012).A novel herpesvirus connected respiratory disease in bourke's parrots(Neopsephotus bourkii).Bird pathology, 41(6), 531 539.

Hartigan, any kind of, dhand, d, took up, e, slapeta, l, phalen, m. (2012).Comparative pathology and ecological ramifications of two myxosporean parasites in native australian frogs and the invasive cane toad.Plos one, 7(10), 1 14.

Hartigan, an, peacock, t, rosenwax, the perfect, phalen, t, slapeta, l. (2012).Emerging myxosporean parasites of australian frogs take a ride with virtues of fresh fruit and regularity transport.Harmful bacteria and vectors, 5, 1 4.

Shelter, m, zenger, t, a finish, r, phalen, deb. (2012).Genetic analysis reveals a definite and highly diverse koala(Phascolarctos cinereus)Number of people in south gippsland, victoria, aussie. (2012).New types of myxosporea from frogs and resurrection of the genus cystodiscus lutz, 1889 for fish with myxospores in gallbladders of amphibians. (2012).Year long presence of eimeria echidnae and lack of eimeria tachyglossi in captive short beaked echidnas(Tachyglossus aculeatus).Magazine of parasitology, 98(3), 543 549.

Hartigan, a fabulous, fiala, since you, dykova, since you, jirku, meters, okimoto, t, improved, t, phalen, ve hag, slapeta, m. (2011).A thought parasite spill back of two novel myxidium spp. (Myxosporea)Causing disease in australian endemic frogs based in the invasive cane toad.Plos one, 6(4), E18871 1 e18871 12.

Phalen, ve hag, holz, w, rasmussen, m, bayley, t. (2011).Fatal columbid herpesvirus 1 infections in three types of australian birds of prey.Australian professional journal, 89(5), 193 196.

Shelter, g, zenger, nited kingdom, closer, r, jones, meters, phalen, h. (2010).Defining spatial genetic structure and management units for at risk koala(Phascolarctos cinereus)Communities in the sydney region, questionnaire.Fauna research, 37(2), 156 165.

Hartigan, an, phalen, deborah, slapeta, m. (2010).Museum material reveals a frog parasite emergence after the invasion of the cane toad around australia.Unwanted organisms and vectors, 3(June 2010), 50 1 50 6.

Phalen, n, received, d, simpson, j, roset, nited kingdom, dubose, okay, mora, l. (2010).Salmonella enterica subsp.Enterica in cows egret(Bubulcus ibis)Chicks from principal texas:Occurrance, serotypes, pathogenicity, and epizootic possibilities.Journal of fauna diseases, 46(2), 379 389.

Phalen, chemical. (2009).Evaluation of student abilities to reply to a"Real life"Question about an emerging transmittable disease.Journal of veterinarian medical education, 36(2), 216 219.

Saggese, d, riggs, grams, tizard, one, bratton, gary, taylor, r, phalen, n. (2007).Gross and microscopic findings and homework of the aetiopathogenesis of mycobacteriosis in a captive population of white winged ducks(Cairina scutulata).Bird pathology, 36(5), 415 422.

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