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You engaged.Congratulations!Now what?The wedding planning process is notoriously stressful, filled with the unsolicited opinions of family and friends, not to mention an overwhelming number of options.Afternoon or evening celebration?Indoor or outdoor?Plated dinner or buffet?With so many decisions to make, it important to ensure that your personality as a couple is reflected throughout the celebration.What better way to do this than through the food?Wedding trends change as quickly as the seasons and some of them we not sad to see go.There are a few current trends, though, that are worth examining.From food trucks to alternative desserts, there sure to be something to suit your identity as a couple.

Food trucks are one of the hottest wedding trends of the moment.Whether you choose a creole happy hour or late night burgers for the after party, food trucks are a great way to put a bit of yourself into the reception.Choose a type of food you both love or something that connects the two of you as a couple, and go with it.A food truck happy hour is a great way to keep your guests happy and relaxed while you off documenting the occasion with your photographer.After the celebration, hire your favorite greasy spoon to keep your guests celebrating well into the night.

Weddings are the perfect time to bring friends and family alike together around the table.Encourage a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere by choosing familystyle dining for your wedding dinner.Not only is this a great way to stretch your food budget, it also fantastic for encouraging your guests to Cheap Party Dresses UK go beyond their companion and interact with others at their table.Everyone has attended at least one wedding stuck at a table with the bride second cousin once removed, the groom roommate from college, and the bride grandmother neighbor.Food brings people together, so let your menu do the work of getting your guests to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Every wedding meal should end with something sweet.There no reason you must have the standard 3tiered wedding cake with a tiny bride and groom on top.Cupcakes have been a popular trend in recent years.Now, more brides are choosing sweet popcorn bars, selections of pies, mini dessert bars, and even sundae bars as alternatives to the old standard.If you just can imagine your wedding without a wedding cake, you can still make a mark on your guests by foregoing traditional favors and setting up a colorful, fun candy bar.

Not all guests were born to own the dance floor.Reception lounges are a big trend that helps all of your guests have the best time possible.Reception lounges are areas in your venue set apart from the main dance floor.They typically have sofas and comfortable chairs where guests can relax and enjoy themselves.No reception lounge is complete without at least one signature cocktail.Signature cocktails are chosen ahead of the reception and will make an impression on your guests.They also a great way to stretch your alcohol budget in a classy way.

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